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DAY #1
How to maintain hope after getting beat up by unreasonable claim departments day after day.
Learn about the bigger movement that you are a part of, which is going to bring correction to the insurance industry. Also, how knowing that you are a part of this movement will give you vision and purpose every day on the job.
As well as, how to have a good adjuster meeting.

DAY #2
Learn from the master, Mr. Steve Patrick himself, the best ways and practices on how to educate and prepare your client to overcome unreasonable claims departments. If you adequately prepare your clients, then the insurance company will not see them as an easy target. There are only 3 parties that can hold the insurance companies' feet to the fire: Public Adjusters, Attorneys, and the homeowner; if there is no PA or attorney on the claim, the homeowner is your only hope to put pressure on the insurance company, so that they pay what they owe according to the policy.
DAY #3
How to keep your client engaged in the battle, throughout the entire claims process; learning the mindset of being an excellent coach for your client. Also, learn about specific actions that need to be taken by the client, and documents that need to be sent, in order to fulfill the requirements of the insurance policy, so that the insurance company is left without excuse when it comes to paying what they owe.
Daniel Wall
Insurance Claims Consultant
18 years in the independent insurance adjusting industry. Thousands of claims were handled. As an independent, I only work for insurance companies that generally pay what they should; I don't work for the big insurance carriers. I recently purchased an online course to obtain my Texas Public Adjuster's license. I have a passion for helping homeowners get everything they should on claims, which means as an independent, I turn fewer claims and make less money, but I could not have it any other way. Also, after meeting hundreds of contractors over the years, I have acquired a fire to see them succeed and thrive in their businesses because I know what an integral role they have in making homeowners whole after a disaster.  
Steve Patrick
Co-Founder/CEO at LP Loss Consulting
Steve Patrick is a strategic advisor, consultant, business coach, and the author of the contractor/PA-acclaimed book ‘Win the Claim Game by Leveling the Playingfield.’ Steve is a top-rated speaker on many topics related to insurance restoration contractors and PAs dealing with claims adjusters. He is widely recognized throughout the industry as a coach to contractors, PAs, and plaintiff attorneys across the nation on how to overcome unreasonable, uncooperative, and even unscrupulous claims departments.

Steve has been serving the construction and insurance industries performing appraisal dispute resolution, including umpiring, since July, 1998. Steve is the co-founder of the following companies: LP Loss Consulting – an insurance appraisal firm with 25 appraisers nationwide. Estimates Made Easy – a company where contractors outsource their Xactimate writing to and Contractor ProDocs, an attorney-led company that produces cutting-edge legal documents for contractors.

Steve has been a speaker at numerous conferences, including the North Texas Roofing Contractor’s Assoc. (NTRCA), Roofing Contractor’s Assoc. of Texas (RCAT), Texas Assoc. of Public Insurance Adjusters (TAPIA), SVG’s Win the Storm Conference, Storm Consultant’s O&P Seminar, SRC Summit, IMG Conference, SGI Expo, and Master the Disaster Conferences. 

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